Cargo bike bags for sale

Hi there cargo bike user.

I’m Ben. I run Big Blue Bike cycle couriers based in Cardiff, Wales.

We love cargo bikes and use them everyday. We love carrying massive amounts of stuff across the city and beating the vans and cars stuck in traffic. We love the speed, agility, load capacity and style that Larry vs Harry’s Bullitt cargo bikes have………………… What we don’t love however is the weight, impact on the steering and clunkiness of metal and plastic boxes currently on the market. Being asked for Ice cream is annoying too!

Cargo bikes of all shapes and sizes need a solution and thats where Cargo Bike Bags can help.

Introducing the 400 Litre capacity Flagship Cargo bike bag

  • Flagship model
  • Designed & tested by real couriers
  • 400 Litre capacity
  • Total weight just 4kg
  • Folds to flat in seconds
  • Made from waterproof, ripstop, non-rot, truck grade tarpaulin
  • Constructed with military grade straps, buckles and clips
  • Lockable
  • Hand made by experts in the UK (they usually make bags for North Sea oil workers)
  • Fits the Bullitt cargo bike
  • Branding options available

Flagship model gallery

Watch the video to discover more about our Flagship Cargo Bike Bag

Order your bag here

1 thought on “Cargo bike bags for sale”

  1. hello, the bags are JUST WHAT WE NEED! how much are they? i would need them shipped to hamburg….
    cheers, steffi

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